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Colonial Hill Gardens

Q. Who do I call if I don't have heat or hot water?
A. Gem Property Management (973) 785-0441

Q. Does the complex employ a full time superintendent?
A. Yes. Lech Welnitz has been the superintendent for the past twenty years.

Q. How many Laundry Rooms are there?
A. There are three locations. Building 4, 5, and 15 have washers and dryers.

Q. What are the Laundry Room Operating Hours?
A. Hours of operation are from 8am to 9:30pm seven days a week. (The last load of laundry should be placed no later than 8:00 pm). Please remove lint from dryer after each load.

Q. Are personal Laundry Machines allowed to be installed inside of a unit?
A. Due to the age and design of the buildings as well as the size of the water pipes, in home Laundry Machines are not permitted.

Q. Are pets allowed?
A. Yes, but only one (under 45 lbs) per unit. (See Rules & Regs for more detail). Please curb & pick up after your dog.

Q. Do units need to have carpet?
A. All units (1st floor & 2nd floor) must have 80% coverage to help reduce levels of noise between units.

Q. Besides the website, how are the owners and residents kept informed of issues, changes, and updates regarding the community?
A. The Board of Directors and Management Office will communicate through out the year by distributing newsletters, notices and postings on this website. We also conduct an Annual Owners Meeting every October to recap the years operations, future plans etc. This is a great time for owners to bring ideas and issues to the board.