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Colonial Hill Gardens

WARNING--Hurricane Sandy
Posted on Oct 26th, 2012

From Little Falls Town Hall
Hurricane Warning Issued
From the Office of Emergency Management 
The likelihood of a powerful coastal storm affecting the area starting on Monday are steadily increasing. Weather forecast are now indicating that Hurricane Sandy will move northward along the eastern seaboard over the next few days and possibly make landfall along the New Jersey coast on Tuesday morning as either a strong tropical storm or as a category 1 hurricane. Residents need to start preparing for the storm this weekend in anticipation of the arrival of severe weather conditions late Monday.

At this time, residents are urged to start preparing their properties for a major storm. Use the Halloween coastal storm of 1991 as a reference. At a minimum, moderate flooding, flooding rains and strong winds are expected to hit the area Monday into Tuesday. Depending on the severity of the storm, evacuations of certain areas might be necessary. Appropriate notice will be provided if evacuations are required.

All residents should either secure or remove outside items such as trash and recycling cans, flags, flower pots and Halloween decorations. Also, make sure that storm drains in your neighborhood are cleared. In addition, have a full tank of gas for your vehicle and needed groceries and medication on hand prior to the storm.
Officials from Little Falls are closely monitoring weather reports along with preparing for the arrival of the coastal storm. Regardless of the severity of the storm, the Township will have resources in place and will be ready for storm conditions. The Township will be issuing emergency management statements on pending storm conditions through reverse 9-1-1, on our web site, and through Email Blasts.