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Colonial Hill Gardens

Posted on Jan 23rd, 2013

Property Tax Reminder
Property taxes are due February 1, 2013 re the first quarter installment.  There is a 10-day grace period which has been extended to Monday, February 11, 2013.
When mailing in your tax payments, kindly allow seven days; on-line banking please allow 10 days. Postmarks are not accepted as per the Division of Local Government Services.  You may wish to use our “Payment” drop box conveniently located outside in the rear of our Town Hall building during our closed hours (checks only); all payments will be posted on our next business day.
If you were eligible and filed your State of New Jersey 2011 Homestead Benefit application, a credit will be applied to your 2nd quarter 2013 taxes.  All revised tax bills that are reflected with this program only will be mailed out on or about April 1, 2013 with a due date of May 1st.
Please note that the Tax Collector’s office does not mail out 1099 forms by January 31st for your tax payments made.  You should use your tax receipts; checkbook registers; canceled checks and/or if you have a mortgage your bank mails to you a 1099 form.  Co-op taxpayers either receive a year-end notice from their management and/or mortgage company.  The Tax Assessor’s annual postcard normally mailed out by February 1st should not be used for income tax purposes as it is for notification of your current year’s assessed valuation only; along with appealing information.  Note the card reads prior tax year “net taxes billed” (not paid) and does not reflect any adjustments made to your property tax bill nor does it pro-rate added assessment taxes.  The Assessor’s postcards will be mailed out late February-mid March due to our town-wide re-assessment valuations effective for the Year 2013.
Tax Collector’s office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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